i made a teeny collection of photos and words that helped me remember that i am not alone in this and neither are you.

because i felt a certain way.

because i thought a certain thing.

because i had to keep the lies from winning.

by: jamie thompson

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hiding will only get you so far, but openness and honesty will take you places you couldn’t even dream of going. i think the connection that is found on the messy road of vulnerability is the deepest, most rich connection around. i say that because i have seen it. through the tears and the fear, finding the strength to believe that i am worth it and so is the person on the other side. the fight to get to that point seems unbearable, but the end result is a stronger more brave you. speaking the truth in love is so vital to the dance that vulnerability is, and knowing that my feelings are valid and my needs are important has transformed the way i think and speak. i am still in the process of learning to love myself enough to come out of hiding; to be seen and known and loved just as I am. i believe there’s beauty in the making and endless amounts of hope for you and me too.




try telling your mom that she unintentionally hurt you in those younger formative years. try to tell her that now, at twentyseven ,you're not blaming her, you're just stating a fact in hopes of deeper connection, freedom and growth. tell her that you never once doubted her love for you because of how freely and fully she gave and continues to give of herself for the betterment of everybody else. tell her you noticed the sacrifices made, and admired her for it. try telling her she has nothing to worry about, she's loved as she is; and try telling yourself that too.


- for mom 


i don't know that it's good to track down every emotion and ask it why it's here. 

i think sometimes you just have to feel it and then let it go, 

knowing that here and now has more for you.



i don't know that letting go always looks like, running, hiding, or ignoring; 

i think sometimes letting go looks like seeking and finding.


maybe being still doesn’t have to be scary, maybe it can become the most refreshing thing we do more often than not. maybe we’re all just scared to slow down because of what might smack us in the face when we do. and maybe we need a smack in the face, in order to lose the self we’ve built from lies and find the self beneath it that’s true. so maybe sometimes it’s not the selfish thing to do, it’s the healthy thing. maybe, just maybe, taking a break isn’t something to be ashamed of.


- i stepped away from my desk, with my notebook and some water, sat down and scribbled things down, next to my croissant at the coffee shop.


maybe it all just feels more than it actually is. maybe i am not losing myself, i am just finding the me that i am supposed to be. maybe i am shedding the lies and proclaiming what is true. maybe, just maybe, i am right where i need to be. with all the flaws, fears, worries, hopes and lots of dreams; i am here growing.


- ' rising out of the rough weeds,

listening and looking.

beautiful girl,

where are you?'


order tea instead of coffee, the one with the roses in it and actually get up when your alarm goes off. 

when the midday shame arises, speak to it and remind it, that it's not welcome here.

you are not your thoughts, worries, frustrations, or fears. 

you are so much more.


come into work and move your desk so you can stand up while you edit and find joy in it. tell holly what you're feeling and find comfort in her words that remind you of the health behind awareness and that you're not alone in this. some morning conversations are full of life and little bits of wisdom that come from a heart that's truly lived, loved, lost and grown because of it.

treasure that.


stretch in the mornings and 

sip on some tea afterwards

and for a moment,

let the steam 

touch your face

as you brave the satisfying heat of the herbs in your cup

and be still.

don't let the morning pass you by.


i love it when he smiles before he laughs.

his eyes close with his mouth open, 

nose scrunched,

and his whole self at ease, okay with being seen.

what a beautiful thing when someone lends you all that they are,

even if its just for a moment.


feel the heaviness 

in its full weight.

feel ease in its full freedom.

the heaviness is giving feeling to something words can't yet express,

so feel it until the words come. 

do the hard work of loving yourself. 

you're worth it.

the ease will come.


it's okay.

the magnolias in your neighbor's yard are blooming again and you can smell them from your front door.

notice on your way to work, with your morning frustrations in tow, that all the magnolias in town woke up today.

they are absolutely beautiful.

but also, look at you.


we sat underneath the cherry blossoms swaying in the cool breeze as

golden hour struck with the blossoms falling like sparkling confetti into the water.

our feet dangled over the edge of the brick wall as the little waves splashed us and rest did too.

i think traveling is important and so is taking a break to simply enjoy the sights you came for.

i let the confetti find it's temporary home in my hair and breathed in deep the golden air.


- tidal basin


i can't feel my feet but i did feel the sun on my skin as we walked through the city streets that were new to me. streets that had history oozing out of them and onto brick buildings and i think we admired every blooming tree surrounding them.

what a beautiful thing it is  that thousands of people far and wide come once a year to this old city to watch these flowers come to life and stand beneath their beauty. 

powerful petals, amen.

- cherry blossoms in the spring


be at rest in your body as the ice cream is passed around, along with laughter and your loves arm around you.

the sleepiness rises along with joy and peace because some people and some dinner parties are light from the start.

some people are heart cherishers and make it easy to be seen, known, and loved.

and because of that you feel safe as you happily put two big scoops of ice cream in your bowl and pass the laughter and carribean coconut talenti around.



one foot after the other

we walked around the neighborhood i've always known.

two generations, mom and me. 

mostly silent 

as the sun turns the pavement

beneath our feet 

to gold.

we were side by side

and the words

' i love you '

were whispered beneath our feet

each step of the quiet way.

- sometimes just being together is all the words you need.


and just before the night comes

the clouds spread apart

and the sun

shows its golden face,

reminding us that it's still there

and still shining.

pink, purple and orange fill the sky

for what feels like a moment

before the stars come into view 

and i witness one glory 

fade into another.


the wind screams its thanks

by coming and going each day

causing the leaves, flowers,

you and me to sway

and give a little thanks too.


and while we're asleep 

the waves are screaming

their thanks as they crash

to the shore.


and by noticing the wind

and its effects on you and me

and the bubbles 

that come to shore with each new wave,

i give my thanks too.