hiding will only get you so far, but openness and honesty will take you places you couldn’t even dream of going. i think the connection that is found on the messy road of vulnerability is the deepest, most rich connection around. i say that because i have seen it. through the tears and the fear, finding the strength to believe that i am worth it and so is the person on the other side. the fight to get to that point seems unbearable, but the end result is a stronger more brave you. speaking the truth in love is so vital to the dance that vulnerability is, and knowing that my feelings are valid and my needs are important has transformed the way i think and speak. i am still in the process of learning to love myself enough to come out of hiding; to be seen and known and loved just as I am. i believe there’s beauty in the making and endless amounts of hope for you and me too.



Jamie ThompsonComment